Ch’Nara system

Taasa orbits the star Ch’Nara, a G-class main sequence star

  • Ice; computer servers for drive sat network; robot custodians; faction of robots infected with virus that have become violent and rebuild themselves into killbots; a religious site
  • Taasa
  • Ka'Taasa
  • Gas giant (blue with glowing spots); the planet strangely causes those living within its atmosphere to mutate noticebly through generations as if through an accelerated evolution. The atmosphere is also hallucinogenic to most humanoids. The gas is mined and sold as an inhalant, but is an illegal substance in the Concord.
  • Gas giant (red w/ white bands); the atmosphere of this planet also has a brain altering inhalant gas, which is known to alter personalities over time subtly or drastically. There is a space station in orbit around the planet that acts as a hub for a wide black market.


Taasa orbits the star Ch’Nara, a G-class main sequence star. Taasa is larger and warmer than Adnas, with a thick, damp atmosphere that humans find acrid due to traces of chlorine. Despite Taasa’s larger size, gravity is near Adnas-normal because of the smaller amount of metals present in the planet’s crust. Seasonal variations are limited due to the planet’s small axial tilt. The t’sa have long since domesticated the many different animal species on their homeworld. The more dangerous predatory species have been wiped out. The t’sa still use large bipedal lizards known as zar’each as riding animals, since the surface of their world is often swampy and difficult for land vehicles. Most traveling is done via aircars and slow-moving airships.

Once, the T'sa had massive bloodsport arenas. WHile they no longer participate in such things, the ruins of these arena are still sources of pride for the species.

Some religious figures have claimed that Taasa and its moons are home to planar fluctuations. Possibly to both Nerin and Mt Xepher.


Taasa’s larger moon, N’Chalak, was terraformed by the t’sa who settled it millennia ago. It have gone from being a dry world with a thin atmosphere to a lush, miniature version of Taasa, although with more carefully engineered waterways. The greenery and settlements of N’Chalak are visible from the surface of Taasa on clear nights. The planet’s other moon, N’Shona is a lifeless rock the t’sa mine for useful minerals and metals.


The smaller satellite of Taasa. It has no atmosphere or biosphere, but is mined for its mineral resources.


The system’s other inhabited world was originally known as Za’lor. It was renamed ka-taasa (“New Taasa”) when it was settled more than a thousand years ago. Ka’Taasa is smaller and cooler than Taasa, but its dense atmosphere helps to trap in heat and provide a comfortable environment. The rocky terrain is covered by a variety of hearty plant-life, and numerous crater lakes and deep tarns cover the lowlands of the planet. The middle elevations are home to t’sa cities that teem with activity.

A prophet has her home on this planet, drawing many thousands of t'sa followers. Her true nature is unknown, but she has lived far beyond the normal t'sa lifespan.

Several species plantlife on Ka'Taasa are semi-intelligent and some are even carnivorous.

Species living here include Fraal, Formian, Ghoran, Drow, Lizardfolk, Tiefling and Gnome

Also found here are various oozes, trolls, undead, carnivorous fungi, Cykotek, giant carnivorous lizards

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