Ch Nalism

T'sa religion is a complex polytheistic faith generally referred to as Ch'Nalism. Ch'Nalites believe in a single, all-powerful creator who provides a guardian deity for every sentient creature. After creating the universe, Ch'Nal created many lesser gods, the Ch'Nakan, for each kind of living thing. Each Ch'Nakan watches over its own piece of creation, acting as guide and guardian to its charges. The Ch'Nakan can appear in whatever aspect suits them.

While the t'sa revere Ch'Nal and celebrate his holy day during the harvest, they reserve their daily worship for their personal guardian, K'san Ch'Nak, a tireless patron who takes good care of the t'sa. The t'sa joke that it is good that K'san is immortal, because otherwise his curiosity would have killed him many times over. K'san Ch'Nak embodies all the qualities that the t'sa value most in themselves. He is curious, friendly, and quick-witted.

Within the T'sa Cluster, almost all t'sa worship Ch'Nal and K'san Ch'Nak. In human space, many t'sa cling to their religion, but some have adopted other belief systems. The t'sa back home consider this odd, but not blasphemous, since they assume that every species has its own Ch'Nakan guide.

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