Carcereth, the Realm of Chains, (also called Askodes) is one of the Twelve Realms. It was once ruled by Legeon, god of binding law and is the home of devils. The souls of the wicked are said to traffic here to be punished for worldly sins. It is a horrid and immense prison with the devils as wardens, guards and torturers.

Poets say it is shaped as a pit, a monstrous maw that grows more foul the deeper it becomes, but the reality is that Carcereth is more often than not labyrinthian passageways leading through prisons, both large and small.

Punishment in Carcereth typically corresponds to sins committed in life. Sometimes these distinctions are specific, with damned souls suffering for each wrong committed, and sometimes they are general, with sinners being relegated to one or more chambers of Carcereth or level of suffering.

The Locks

There are eight locks in Carcereth, though some whisper the rumors of a Ninth Lock. No one has ever seen it.

First Lock

Second Lock

Third Lock

Fourth Lock

Fifth Lock

Sixth Lock

Seventh Lock

Eighth Lock

The Pit Fiends

Thirteen devils called the Pit Fiends, or Grand Wardens, task and manage Carcereth. Their names are listed below:







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