Name of Planet
Astrographical information
Ring -
Sector -
System -
Suns -
Orbital position -
Moons -
Grid coordinates -
Distance from core -
Trade routes -
Rotation period -
Orbital period -
Physical information
Class -
Diameter -
Gravity -
Atmosphere -
Climate -
Biomes -
Surface water -
Points of interest -
Flora -
Fauna -
Societal information
Native species -
Immigrated species -
Primary languages -
Government -
Population -
Demonym -
Major cities -
Affiliation -

A mas­sive gas giant, Cal­i­mar has three moons of con­sid­er­able size. Unfor­tu­nately, tem­pes­tu­ous weather ren­ders these moons unin­hab­it­able over large areas of their sur­face. Calidian Alliance colonists orig­i­nally inhab­ited the small­est moon, Sul­ta­mar, then spread to Calamed and Amaron. By half-bury­ing their struc­tures, the Calid­ian set­tlers were able to weather the worst of storms. The dis­cov­ery of great min­eral deposits on each of the moons led to mining and the even­tual ascen­sion of the moon miners as sup­pli­ers of nat­ural mate­ri­als. Unfor­tu­nately, the set­tle­ments pos­sessed little mil­i­tary might and were con­quered by Illithids some years ago. Now, the older mines have been con­verted into living quar­ters for Varan nobles.

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