Calidian Alliance
Calidian Alliance
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Calidian Alliance

Chaotic alliance of independent mercantile worlds trying to keep their freedom against neighboring tyrannies.

The Calidians are a loosely allied culture not joined under a single imperial government. The Calidians are the militarily weakest of the 4 overarching Fehu cultures. They are also the least homogeneous of the cultures. Most colonies in the inner and middle areas of the sphere that are discovered join the Calidians if given the choice. Those that don't get a choice are conquered or enslaved by their discoverers. The Calidians do not believe in slavery, which is not surprising since they are trying to avoid being enslaved themselves. Slavery is not outlawed, however, as most of their trading partners are slavers. The Calidians trade with anyone, so even as illithids and Eladrin are fighting to enslave Calidian asteroids in one area, Calidian traders from other areas are busy conducting business with them. Such is the weakness of the informal Calidian "alliance".

They are a culture with full, true religious freedom. As such priests, monks, druids, and paladins as well as temples and shrines are quite common. Even temples and shrines of foreign gods can be found in the free-trading Calidian ports.

With so much trade it is inevitable that there would be thieves and operatives. In addition to smugglers, pick pockets, burglars, and fences, con artists are common among the lists of Calidian thieves. Beggars are nearly unknown, however, as there is almost always work and few Calidians feel sorry for those unwilling to do it. Only beggars who are highly crippled are "successful" in Calidian territory. Assassins are also rare here, but as long as there are those willing to pay for the expert removal of a rival, whether it be in business, politics, or love, assassins will be there to answer the demand.

Calidia has a sophisticated information network.

Interested governments and nobles from other societies usually employ spies in Calidian ports to pick up this news.

Soldiers are also very common among the Calidians. They are, in fact, more common than in most groundling settings and Tir Eadan because many Calidians spend a few years freelancing on starships to earn money. Also, most smaller Calidian settlements have mandatory militia drills.

The Calidians are found scattered throughout the Fehu Ring, even close to the rim where the Thoric are dominant. These communities do not allow slavery among their own people, they are not militaristic powers intent on military conquest and domination (the Calidians don't want to attract that type of notice), and each are open to and focused on trade (that's the reason to join the Calidians, after all).

The Calidians and other free peoples will have members of just about any religion and pantheon among them. Recognizably Eladrin deities will get a poor reception here but just about anything else goes as Calidian society is so varied and represents so many types of people and interests.

Calid­i­ans have never coa­lesced under a single gov­ern­ment, pre­fer­ring an exis­tence as numer­ous self-ruling city-states. While this has done much to insure indi­vid­ual free­doms, it has also made the Calid­i­ans easy tar­gets for illithid and Eladrin con­querors. Many of the free­dom loving Calid­i­ans now suffer beneath the rule of a dis­tant tyrant.

Those Calid­i­ans who have remained free exist as traders and mer­ce­nar­ies, estab­lish­ing small set­tle­ments from which they con­duct busi­ness. Calid­ian traders are respected and their mer­ce­nar­ies valued in any army. Head­strong and will­ful, the Calid­i­ans are a friendly culture, if a bit impetu­ous.

Over­all, the Calid­i­ans are a growing population, but their dis­or­ga­ni­za­tion and unwill­ing­ness to unite behind a strong leader pre­vents them from becom­ing a real power.

While their culture as a whole abhors slav­ery and dom­i­na­tion of any sort, the aver­age Calid­ian is not a free­dom fighter. Most are con­tent to simply stay free, and to avoid the tyranny of other races. To this end, a good many Calid­i­ans are some­what reserved around others, espe­cially Eladrin. This changes if the Calid­i­ans out­num­ber other cultures in the area. When this hap­pens, the Calid­i­ans relax and return to their normal, rowdy selves.

Individual liberty, having self-ruling city states.

The fact that having individualistic small city-states has lead to large numbers of Calidans being conquered by Eladrin or Illithids who, distressingly, don’t share the same thirst for Calidians being free; Eladrin & Illithids, for that very reason



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