Bréagór System
Bréagór System
Type Binary star
Planets tar-darach
Species Eladrin
Location -
Affiliation Tir Eadan

The Bréagór System is the home system of Tir Eadan. These system is sometimes hit by ion storms, which may cause great destruction if not prepared for. The system used to have other planets, but they have been destroyed one by one. What is causing their destruction? A nearby black hole? Or something far stranger?

Both planets of the system are home to not only Eladrin, but Fauns, gnomes, Zana, shadar-kai and Gathlains.

However, threats include crystaline vermin, ancient constructs from precursor ruins, undead created from those who died through the system's cosmic anomalies, carniverous plants, basilisks, and even kaiju.

Both planet grow blue plants due to the sun's light.

Binary star system

Islands of the Sun

Intolerably hot asteroid belt.

Tar Darach

tar-darach. Terrestrial world. Home to a mystical beacon. A planetary manifest zone to the Twilithe. No moon.


Ruadhán. Ruins of the precursurs. A colossal megastructure. No moon.

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