Brakims are a race of invertebrate humanoids native to the postapocalyptic world Bortan II. Although this planet is claimed by the Aventi Star Empire, the brakims are mostly ignored by the Azlanti and are not granted citizenship within the empire.

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Brakims mature at 15 and naturally live up to 75 years.


Brakims are industrious, resourceful, adaptable, brusque and distrustful of strangers. They make a living as nomadic scavengers and live in small tribes that fight each other across deserts and ruins, extracting parts from ancient machinery. Because of this informal training, many brakims are proficient mechanics that produce haphazard but functional work. Brakims prefer technology, which they consider reliable and produce pragmatic results, over magic, which is seen as chaotic and abstract, and favor hands-on work over computing.

In addition to brakims, the city around the Azlanti monitoring station on Bortan II is home to scoundrels from across the Star Empire who see it as a refuge, and criminal activities flourish there. Outside of the brakims who lead some of these gangs, most lack the wealth to travel offworld; those that do make a living as technicians on starships.

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