Bortan II

Bortan II is a postapocalyptic world, home to the Brakim. A planetwide war that occurred centuries ago reduced the population and left their world an irradiated wasteland where the brakims survive, organized into nomadic scavenger tribes. These tribes battle each other across blasted deserts and ruined cities.

When the Aventi landed on Bortan II, the planet had already been stripped of natural resources. The Aventi Star Empire engaged in a few brief, brutal skirmishes to prove their supremacy, built a small monitoring station, and left. Since that event, a city has grown up around the monitoring station. This settlement’s citizens are not only brakims, but also outcasts from the Star Empire who see Bortan II as a refuge. Criminal enterprise has since flourished on the planet as all sorts of scoundrels find a place on Bortan II. A few brakims head such organizations and have used the wealth they gained to move offworld.

More than one criminal enterprise on Bortan II has a screedreep among its leadership, if not at its head.

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