Borais are an unusual form of corporeal undead with only a mostly dead body that still retain their souls.


Borais appear like they did in life, but their skin becomes pale and fragile with dark veins of negative energy, a visual sign of the undead connection between their flesh and spirits.

Becoming a borai

Borais were originally people who were subject to a botched resurrection attempt, or were too stubborn to fully die when their time came.


Borais still need to eat, breathe and sleep, just like any living creature, but they age at radically slowed rates. If destroyed, a borai can be brought back to normal undead state by spells. If they have lived for too long, a borai's physical body deteriorates to such a degree that the soul can no longer sustain it; the borai then both dies (like living creatures) and is destroyed (like undead). What happens to the soul afterwards is unknown, and all mystical attempts to contact them have failed.


Most borais are created on Eox, the results of necromantic and undead-related scientific experiments of its residents. Borais created elsewhere tend to move to Eox to avoid fear and mistrust on other worlds, only to be looked down by the Eoxians, since they still need to eat, breathe and sleep like living creatures. A few borais have banded into a small coalition to petition the Pact Council for the official rights to create a home asteroid or moon.

Some borais embrace their disconcerting aspects, working as enforcers or bodyguards, while others seek to overcome and erase the stigma against the undead by holding diplomatic positions or taking jobs where they interact with the public. A few borais attempt to hide their appearances with cosmetics and full-body clothing to blend in with members of their original races.

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