Book of the Damned

Lux et tenebris
Lux et veritas
Ultima latere phala
Lux in aeternum
Angeli nova
Liberatae est lumina

(Light and darkness/shadows
Light and truth
The last/ultimate edge of the spear
Light in eternity
New angels/messengers
Liberated is light

  • Seven trumpets and seven seals
  • ends with a choice to allow the return of magic or close the door forever
  • Prior to the Golar Pact

6 Major Factions

  1. Galactic Concord
  2. Infernal Warfleet (Cows)
  3. Titanomachy (Goblins)
  4. Corpse Fleet - Lead by Worm that Walks. Necromancer cult. (Cultists and undead)
  5. Children of Zeon (Starmetal constructs)
  6. Free Captains (Bandits)
  • compounded respectively from νεκρός nekros "dead", νόμος nomos "law", and εἰκών eikon "image"
  • krisis, translated "damnation"
  • Krisinomicon
  • First adventure doesnt have to be at the edge of the galaxy. Makes more sense that the ship went through the Red Mirror.
  • Does the Red Mirror move?
  • Allied hobgoblin in crew. Ala Worf.
  • Base bridge crew off of West of Loathing party members.
  • A meteor is heading to a civilized planet and is going to hit it badly. However, it is a formian seedstone. If the meteor is destroyed, countless lives would be lost.
  • Greater doppleganger feeds on brains/chocolate chemical. Maybe husband is the dopple. Maybe he is the killer and she is the dopple. Maybe she doesn't want him to kill and would rather die.
  • supervise a space station into position for the first time.
  • free trolls from immoral experiments and set them free on a suitable world
  • a planet where hobgoblins think they found a titan. Investigation reveals it is just a hologram or ghost or otherwise a remnant.
  • Each trumpet sounding causes a pulse of energy to wave out from its source at impossible speed. Harlow's ship is caught in one of these waves and that is why it needs rescuing.
  • Galactic ley lines. Corpsefleet knows about them.
  • Plot on the hell side is the Prince of Hell, Khalaza is warring against three other archdevils looking to ursurp him; Mephistopheles, Baalzebul and Belial. But there is a hidden fifth combatant, the exiled Asmodeus looking to reclaim his throne.
  • When they first find the Book of the Damned in the Ships, they must choose between three seals. Unknown to them, these seals represent the Three Usurpers. Depending on the seal of their choice is which Usurper will interact with them the most. Yellow Seal (Mephistopheles), White Seal (Baalzebul) or Black Seal (Belial). However, there is a hidden seal, Purple Seal (Khalaza).
  • Each of the Usurpers have their own faction of the Infernal Warfleet.
  • Their goal is to bring the spear Fidelis through the Red Mirror.

I. The Cleansing of the Promised Land

The game starts at Halim Station in orbit around Sabah.

Perhaps each bridge officer must be chosen by the party. Have a choice of two or three for each position.

Reaching into Infinity

The Ninth Wave

Twilight of the Gods

Ashes of the Dawn

II. The Awakening

Judgement Day


At the Edge of Time

Astral Empire

III. Disturbance in the Here and Now

Curse of Darkness

Ashes of Eternity

The Holy Grail


IV. The Descending of the Nine

Midnight Madness

The Throne


V. The Fallen and the Chosen One

Land of Shattered Dreams

Sacred Mind

Miracle Machine

The Edge of the World

VI. Beyond the Red Mirror

Our Final Stand

Grand Parade

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