The Bhruu are large-sized quadrupeds who live in a heard-like society that have grown familiar and competent with the intricacies of a Progress Level 7 society.

The bhruu oral tradition is the only method that the race has had to preserve their history for thousands of years. As a result they have become elegant smiths of the spoken word. All bhruu gain a + 4 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.

Bhruusil: homeworld of the Bhruu


Bhruu possess the ability to speak the Bhruu language, which has no written component. Bhruu with an intelligence of 10 or greater also know Thul, taught to them by Insight citizens.

The language of the bhruu proved quite accessible to humans and other species, and it can be mastered just as easily. The language follows certain conventions for names of places and things, though these are slowly decaying with the introduction of many Thul words and human names for themselves and their universe’s places.

The following are some basic rules:
Bhruu tend to pronounce vowel-like sounds for a long beat of two to three seconds. Thus, many transliterated bhruu words have double vowels.
Individual bhruu names end in -ak. Names for peoples or species end in a double vowel. Planet names end in -un.
Bhruu language has no “v” or “f” sounds, due to the structure of the bhruu mouth. When attempting to pronounce such sounds in Thul, bhruu typically produce a “d” or"b" sound instead.

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