Astrographical information
Region Ur ring
Sector Rigunmor Sector (18.3)
System Bazaar system
Suns 2
Orbital position -
Moons 2
Grid coordinates -
Distance from core -
Trade routes -
Rotation period -
Orbital period -
Physical information
Class Terrestrial
Diameter -
Atmosphere -
Climate -
Primary terrain -
Surface water -
Points of interest -
Flora -
Fauna -
Societal information
Native species -
Primary languages -
Government -
Population 134 Billion
Demonym -
Major cities Index
Affiliation Rigunmor Star Consortium

Bazaar is the capital planet of the Rigunmor Star Consortium. However, Bazaar is not the nation's center of government or trade.

Sprawling cities cover most of Bazaar’s surface. Indeed, very little of the planet remains left over to wilderness – just enough to continue supporting a livable biosphere for its inhabitants. Numerous spaceports exist in the various metropolitan areas of the planet, constantly monitoring traffic to and from the outer system and moons of Auth and Auhk.

Planetary features


  • Index; The planetary capitol of Index, a city of approximately 1 billion people, is located along the coastline of the largest continent. Every major corporation in the Consortium has an office there, as close to the pulse of Rigunmor markets as possible. The Rigunmor Stock Index and the central headquarters of the United Guilder Conclave also make its home in Index. The guildmasters meet in The Guildhall, an enormous building that once housed the Conclave before a plutocratic government replaced their rule with the wealth-based system of today.


Early colonists chose Bazaar as their capital system for its proliferation of Class 1 and 2 worlds. Among the first systems ever settled by the Consortium.


Bazaar is unique among capitol worlds of the Ur Ring in that it holds no part of its nation’s upper bureaucracy. With the majority of the Rigunmor government traveling aboard the Oneagle, Bazaar and its citizens stay free to concentrate on business rather than politics.

System Manager Jargon Scott lives in Index as well. Scott has one of the cushiest jobs in the Consortium. Profitable income in Bazaar takes care of itself with little to no help from him at all. And, his governor’s tax will likely hold him his job until retirement.

Auth & Auhk

The twin moons Auth and Auhk support heavy populations, with both totaling about two billion people apiece. They exist as auxiliary real estate for Bazaar, and many consider them an extension of its business markets as well, since they are only a brief ride away.

Auth possessed a Class-1 biosphere when the Rigunmors first came to the system, settling the moon around the same time as Bazaar. In present day, it functions as a welcome center for the Consortium’s capitol. Hotels and resorts abound here, catering to the needs of every businessman.

Three enormous spaceports ferry passengers to and from Bazaar and Auth’s sister moon, Auhk. Many arriving ships simply dock at Auth’s spaceports for cheaper docking rates, and purchase shuttle flights for in-system travel. Just a short distance away, Auhk originally held a Class-2 environment when the Rigunmors found the system, but was later terraformed to better suit human life.

Most scientists could hardly tell the difference now. Where Auth acts as the welcome center for Bazaar, Auhk provides security for the system. All military and defense installations on Bazaar and Auth report back to central control on Auhk.

Even the naval presence within the system makes port here under the command of Commodore Julian Caruthers. The RCN battleship Financier serves as the system’s flagship.

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