Astrographical information
Region Ur ring
Sector Kropotkin Sector (18.2)
System Agemar system
Suns -
Orbital position 2
Moons 1
Grid coordinates -
Distance from core -
Trade routes -
Rotation period -
Orbital period -
Physical information
Class Terrestrial
Diameter -
Gravity -
Atmosphere -
Climate -
Biomes -
Surface water -
Points of interest -
Flora -
Fauna -
Societal information
Native species -
Immigrated species Android
Primary languages -
Government -
Population 122 Billion
Demonym -
Major cities -
Affiliation Galactic Concord
Android Liberation Front

The planet Aleer is a terrestrial world slightly smaller than Concord. It is home to freed Androids and is recognized as a member of the Galactic Concord. Much of the planet's surface is covered by civilization and technology.

Aleer is the official homeworld of the fledgling Android species. Smaller and warmer than Concord, Aleer has a thin atmosphere by human standards. Billions of Androids inhabit the world, which contains vast sprawling cities. Otehr than androids, very few outside of Concord officials are ever allowed to come to Aleer.

There are several Android owned tech corporations that operate here, including: United Gridworks, Pesh-Connection, and Aleerin CommX. Laurel-3 currently represents the Agemar system to the Concord.

Home to the Android Liberation Front


Aleer’s only moon, Nileer is largely uninhabited.. Small military and mostly unmanned communications outposts do exist on the moon however. It is cold and airless.

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