Agemar System
Agemar System
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Affiliation Galactic Concord

Often referred to as the Aleer system, the system is officially named for the star: Agemar. Considered a first world system, Agemar contains upwards of 13 billion beings. It holds a position as one of the most important and influential systems in Concord space.

However, there is a tight control on travel into the system.


At an orbital distance of only 0.35 AU, Fontis is a roaring hothouse planet. No colonists have established a permanent presence other than a research station and a few orbital satellites. There are have no plans to terraform the world. Interest in Fontis is purely based upon the observational study of the Agemar star.


Aleer is the official homeworld of the fledgling Android species. Smaller and warmer than Concord, Aleer has a thin atmosphere by human standards. Billions of Androids inhabit the world, which contains vast sprawling cities. Otehr than androids, very few outside of Concord officials are ever allowed to come to Aleer.

There are several Android owned tech corporations that operate here, including: United Gridworks, Pesh-Connection, and Aleerin CommX. Laurel-3 currently represents the Agemar system to the Concord.


Aleer’s only moon, Nileer is largely uninhabited.. Small military and mostly unmanned communications outposts do exist on the moon however.


Originally home to a second sentient species within the system, Orod’s population died out more than 3500 years ago.

Today, the Androids have settled Orod, becoming just as comfortable with the world as their home planet, Aleer. Though fully consolidated now as an Android world, none of its six billion inhabitants can ever forget the race that once made Orod home.


An anomaly in stellar terms because of its temperature, the gas giant of Geshlor is known mostly for the scientific survey stations in orbit and constructed upon its moons.


The Androids keep a military base on the moon of Teflok. This base acts s a communications point for all traffic entering the system. The Androids keep a respectable fleet at the Teflok base to maintain order in the system and to dissuade unruly visitors.


Nothing more than a large frozen rock, Blagieur played host to a prolonged mining effort to its full extent long ago. Now it simply provides a home to a lonely stardrive-detection sensor array manned by half a dozen androids rotated in and out on a monthly basis.

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