AA System
AA System
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Planets -
Species -
Location -
Affiliation VoidCorp

The AA System is a system in VoidCorp space. It is the system home to Catalog.

The system's worlds are home to dangerous aberrations and vermin. Parasitic, bloodsucking, swarming and numerous. These vermin can grow to colossal size and destroy whole settlements. Many species of the vermin feed on lifeforce. Sentient creatures killed by this become undead.

Sesheyans populate many worlds, many favoring AA05. Lizardfolk and half elves also populate the system.


Irregular world. Small. Low gravity. Missing large chunks. Held together by megastructures of an unknown creator. 2 moons - most likely artificial.


Terrestrial world. Ecumenopolis. no moons

Stellar Orbital Station AA-0255


Terrestrial world. 2 moons


Terrestrial world. Large percentage of surface water. 2 moons


AA05, also called Atenosha. Jungle world. Lots of plants. Low Gravity. 1 moon


Catalog. Terrestrial world. Naturally geothermic activity. Natural supermassive volcanoes that have been harnessed. Ecumenopolis. 1 moon.


Gas giant. white gas pulses with light. 2 moons


Gas giant. ringed. corrosive atmosphere. constant storms and massive lightning bolts that chain for miles. 2 moons


Gas giant. toxic atmosphere. gases of different types pool together to form bubbles that interact with each others in a constant dance. 2 moons

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