Age of the Stars

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"Humanity is only as strong as its commitment to fellowship, advancement, and peace. For once civilization has lost faith in its future, then it is truly lost in the present.”
Galactic Concord First Secretary Thomas Stern

  • non-druid terraforming. Which megacorp?
  • Dragon faction from Dragonstar: Major figures
  • SF stats for SD species. And also full writeups, formatted like the ones from the SF book.
  • New theme - Augmented
  • no voice activated ship computer
  • devil doors - sigils on walls that allow evil typed creatures through or anyone else with a password.
  • The Stewards of the Pact Worlds are replaced by the Concord Administrators who are functionally very similar but have far more power.
  • The Android Abolitionist Front exists and is focused on activities against VoidCorp, the Starmech Collective, and the Rigunmor Consortium. The only nation that welcomes them is Insight.
  • The Free Captains are unchanged, operating mostly in the frontier regions.
  • The Starfinder Society exists, alongside other similar exploration groups such as the Verge Confederation.
  • The Augmented exist in form but not name; in this setting they have a whole stellar nation, the Nariac Domain.
  • The Star Knight orders of the Hellknights and the Knights of Golarion do not exist as such. The closest analog to both organizations are the Concord Marines, who have the dual mandate of protecting and aiding those in the in the frontier and border regions, and ruthlessly enforcing the peace between the stellar nations.
  • The Xenowardens have changed radically, becoming the Hatire Community. In this setting, the Xenowardens settled on a planet and then discovered an ancient faith that agreed with their own beliefs.
  • Attitudes towards mindwalking vary greatly by discipline. Technomancers are widely accepted and have a mercenary reputation. Mystics are respected in some nations but deeply distrusted in others. Solarians are rare but universally regarded with awe; individuals who show the potential to manifest a solar revelation are often recruited into civil service and academy trained. Some of the most high profile Concord Administrators are Solarians, as were many heroes of the Second Galactic War. Witchwarpers are exceptionally rare, the stuff of battlefield horror stories of squads of men mangled and burned by a shadowy figure's mere glance.
  • The faiths of old Golarion do not hold the same sway in the Star*Finder setting. While they still do have their followers, they don't have the significance of the Insightful, the Orlamists, and the Hatire. These new and actively proselytizing faiths are backed by the might of their respective nation-states.


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